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Office Bunkie

Shorten your commute to only a few steps from your door or add a rental opportunity to your property with this highly functional smart space design. This concept allows for optimum avoidance of noise pollution and improves sunlight exposure. Some possible uses include an office, art studio, separate living space for adult dependants, laboratory, personal library, storage building, music room, hobby space, and more.

With a clean, neutral and yet timeless visual appeal this tiny building compliments urban or suburban scenery. As with all our structures, it is built using conventional home-building practices, so can most easily be matched to your home or main building.

This pictured structure is a 9X12 and was completed with stucco siding, a built-in sound system, lighting, and electrical outlets.

Beauty of Nature Studio

Maximize sunlight in your workspace to keep yourself feeling positive and energized. Get inspired with your beautiful view only a glance away.

This structure would be an ideal home office, writer or artist studio, guest house, tiny workshop, sewing or crafts room, play house for the children or more.Appreciate all the beauty of nature without having to weather the elements.

Pictures here with painted faux board & batten siding.

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Cedar Bunkhouse

A structure in harmony with Canadian wilderness, this concept would be a great addition to a hunting/fishing property or as a guest cabin for an existing cottage. An attractive alternative to tent camping, this cabin concept allows one to be immersed in nature in comfort.

This attractive addition to your property could also pay for itself in a considerably short period as a rental cottage when not in use.

Pictured here 16 X 16 in size with cedar shingle siding with porch and loft.

Eternity Bunkie

Modern and sheik this would be an attractive addition to an urban, suburban, or rural property. This structure could offer the privacy and independence needed to accommodate an aging parent, adult child living at home, or a disabled dependant. We can custom design the structure with a ramp or other disability accommodations. Adding value to your property’s resale value, this concept can also increase your rental space.

Pictured here 9 X 12 feet in size with skirting, steps, complete drywall, flooring install and built in lighting and electrical outlets. Please note we do not complete electrical work ourselves but will work around a licensed Electrician who would complete this portion of the project.

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Inspiration Studio

Add more sunlight and luxury to your life with our Inspiration Studio concept. This structure could serve as a roomy office or studio or could add new possibilities to your current operations.

This high ceiling concept building is particularly spacious. Perfect for business meetings including meetings with multiple customers at once; small workshops; retreat gatherings; small classes or seminars; or could serve as a great activity center for a camp site.

Storm Bunkie / Studio in Disguise

Simple and rustic, this unique bunkie optimizes guest comfort and privacy while capitalizing on your beautiful lakefront view and natural sunlight. A comfortable retreat from a main building, whether it be a home or cottage, it could offer a perfect opportunity to get away from it all to catch up on favourite hobbies.

Built with a loft, this 9X12 foot structure is bigger than it looks and is economical for its purpose. Attractive in design, it could be conveniently matched to your main building or be customized to provide a unique flair to your property.

Storm Bunkie / Studio in Disguise

Tiny homes, bunkies, small cottages; these small structures go by many names but the quality and affordability they offer remains the same. If you're looking to build a tiny home in Haliburton or the Muskoka Lakes area then call Cottage Woodworks, we are here for you from concept to creation of your tiny home