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Small Structures
Forever Young Shed

You can arrive at your cottage with all of summer's fun safely waiting in your Forever Young Storage Shed. Maintaining and replacing sheds can put a damper on our limited Canadian summers. This storage shed offers minimal maintenance and affordable rates. Click on the picture for more. Call now for a free estimate.

Tiny Home Muskoka - Smal Structures 1
Tiny Home Muskoka - Smal Structures 1
Pool Cabana

Keep your summer parties contained to your back yard with this smart pool cabana. It allows for guests to change clothing or a bar tender to serve drinks out of the bar window. Inside this structure is a custom-made wood bar top for drink preparation.

Customize this concept to suit your needs. You may prefer to have a more open concept pool cabana with double wide opening doors to easily access a lounge area. Alternatively, you may like to change this style of building to create a vendor structure. Click picture to see more.

Off-the-grid Power

This structure could provide enough energy to supply a normally operating home with sufficient power. With solar panel and/or wind turbine options one could truly be off the grid.

If you would like to live in an isolated area that does not have access to power – whether this is an island cottage or hunt camp – solar, wind, and/or propane generator power sources can be fitted to suit your needs. These are also great sustainable energy sources for even an urban or suburban residence and you may be surprised at how quickly you see a return on your investment.

Sustainable energy can be easier to add to your property than you may think. A small wood-framed structure like the one pictured here could be built in your backyard to house batteries and/or a propane generator and it may be a more suitable alternative to adding solar panels to your home. Click picture to see more.

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Tiny Home Muskoka - Small Structures 3
Durable Cottage Guest Houses

We can custom create cottage guest houses or “bunkies” to suit your style and budget. The bunkie pictured here is ten feet by ten feet and is our most economical version of a cottage guest home and a great alternative to tent camping. Please note; this bunkie has a door and windows custom made by our team of skilled carpenters which adds significant savings.

Our guest homes can run from this economical type structure to a tiny home concept that would facilitate a luxurious stay at your summer getaway property. We would be pleased to assist you in deciding the custom made structure that best suits your needs. Click picture to see more.

All-Weather Backyard Sheds

Want a storage option that is going to give you return on investment? This shed concept can be custom built to suit your needs and style – we have even matched the shingle and roof colour to a main building for optimum visual appeal. A great alternative to storage lockers or disposable sheds these structures should increase the resale value of your property.

Call or email us today to discuss your storage needs. Some common uses for our all-weather storage sheds include the following;

  • Bike storage
  • Lawn equipment storage
  • Gardening storage including tools and materials.
  • Seasonal decoration storage
  • General household item storage
  • Sports equipment storage
  • Camping equipment storage
  • Fire wood storage
  • Trade tool storage
  • Furniture storage

You may have more living space than you think. Storing more outside your living space will help reduce clutter and help you to optimize the use of your living space; enhancing organization and the interior visual appeal of your home. Click picture to see more.

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Tiny homes, bunkies, small cottages; these small structures go by many names but the quality and affordability they offer remains the same. If you're looking to build a tiny home in Haliburton or the Muskoka Lakes area then call Cottage Woodworks, we are here for you from concept to creation of your tiny home