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Are you looking for a garage as aesthetically appealing as your home? Perhaps you would like to match the shingle and siding to existing structure(s) on your property - but you don't have to settle for an ordinary garage. Contact us by phone or email to discuss how we can create a unique, stylish garage that reflects your personal preferences.

Always Ready Garage

This garage is ready for whatever space-freeing needs you can throw at it. With an attic hatch and upper storage the full size of the garage you can store all of your seasonal gear and tools with no mess and no fuss. Also, complete with two garage doors small transports such as a quad, bikes, and ride-on lawn-mower can be easily driven into the storage space. Attractive enough to add to your property appeal with maximum function this is a must-have for large country properties.

Suburban Chic Garage

This suburban chic garage has a unique style with extra height to compliment storage and/or loft functions. This would make an excellent garage, workshop or both. Great for car storage, truck storage, van storage, motorbike storage, quad storage and much more. Here is a space that is easier to optimize with the ability to store items in the loft such as: tools of your trade; sporting equipment; seasonal equipment; seasonal decoration; and household items.

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Winter Workshop Garage

This garage was built to double as a workshop. Especially in Canada’s extreme winter climates it can be helpful to lessen your commute by locating or relocating your workshop, whether it be wood working, mechanical or other, onto your own property. This may be more cost effective short-term and is a great investment not only for property re-sale but one could also rent out a workshop area when not in use.

Basic Durable Garage

The structure pictured here is actually not a garage. We built it as water treatment building. You can see the potential of the structure as an attractive garage. These pictured doors are simple double opening metal man doors - but we can custom build attractive wood doors to suit your style and property features or install standard garage or other door(s).

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Tiny homes, bunkies, small cottages; these small structures go by many names but the quality and affordability they offer remains the same. If you're looking to build a tiny home in Haliburton or the Muskoka Lakes area then call Cottage Woodworks, we are here for you from concept to creation of your tiny home