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Small Structure Building Process
Tiny Home Haliburton - Building Process 1

1. We must ensure that it is possible to legally build this structure on your property. A building permit is not required for buildings under 100-108 square feet depending on the municipality which includes 10X10 and 9X12 structures.

2. If the structure requires a building permit we will need to discuss and invest in a building design. We can use our preferred designer or use one of your choosing.

3. We can offer you a detailed quote for the building. If the quote is well within your budget you may like to add additional features or increase the quality of materials. If the quote is more than you were thinking to spend than we can work with your concept to look at ways of decreasing cost - such as removing features.

4. Once the quote is approved we can move forward with negotiating a work agreement and down payment.

5. If the structure requires a permit, the building design and site plan will need to be submitted to your local building department for approval.

Tiny Home Haliburton - Building Process 2

6. Once the project has started, it would be paid in increments based on project progress.

7. Once started, you are still able to change plans and customize within reason. This may affect the cost of the project depending on the changes.

8. After the project is completed, we would look over the structure with you and create a punch list of anything that you would like to add and/or change.

9. We stand by our limited warranty on workmanship.

Tiny homes, bunkies, small cottages; these small structures go by many names but the quality and affordability they offer remains the same. If you're looking to build a tiny home in Haliburton or the Muskoka Lakes area then call Cottage Woodworks, we are here for you from concept to creation of your tiny home