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Small Structure Construction and Cottage Renovations
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What We Do. We specialize in small structure construction. From a Storage Shed to Small Cottage we can custom build your concept. In addition to the usual customization features we offer many unique features such as:

  • utilizing your previously-used quality materials such as windows and doors (these may have sentimental value such as wood from the kitchen table you had as a child);
  • built-in sound systems;
  • customized cabinetry/ storage concepts;
  • fully customizable roof pitch;
  • on-site mid-build customization;
  • loft feature;
  • fine wood working features (i.e. railing, spindles);
  • custom hand made windows and doors;
  • and more.

Do you have a small structure project in mind? We look forward to discussing your concepts and ideas with you and working to craft the building that works best for your needs and style.

Tiny Homes are perfect for:

  • turning unused land into rental property;
  • adding an attractive and non intrusive in-law suite;
  • providing a safe place for adult dependants who desire independence;
  • facilitating a simpler and/or more affordable way of life;
  • an alternative to a home addition;
  • accommodating extra guests visiting your home or cottage;
  • and creating a comfortable workspace with optimum sunlight, quiet, and breathing room.

Very Small Homes or what most refer to as Tiny Homes are homes between 65 and 887 square feet.

Many Names: the small structures we build go by many names and have many uses. These include:

    - Beach Cabin / Beach Hut
    - Guest Bunkie / Bunkhouse
    - Outdoor Office / Backyard Office
    - Artist Studio
    - Private Research Lab
    - Workshop
    - Pool Cabana
    - Stable
    - Boat Shed
    - Off-the-Grid Power Generation Shed
    - Storage Shed
    - Quad Garage / Quad Storage
    - Garage

Home renovation services. Our carpentry renovation services include:

  1. Floor Installation.
  2. Hardwood Floor Refinishing.
  3. Interior Trim Installation.
  4. Demolition for renovation.
  5. Framing, including decks.
  6. Insulation and vapour barrier installation.
  7. Drywall boarding installation.
  8. Drywall mudding and taping.
  9. Priming & painting.
  10. Shingling.
  11. Steel roof installation.
  12. Soffit & facia installation.
  13. Window & door installation.
  14. Building & installation of cabinets.

Project Coordination. You may choose to coordinate your project yourself offering more control over the project – or, for your convenience, we can coordinate your renovation project for you. This may be quoted separately from our carpentry services and include coordination of the following:

- Architects/ Building Designers.
- Plumbing & Electrical Trades People.
- Demolition team for larger demolition projects.
- Snow removal for cottage projects completed in the winter. Please note that snow-clearing secures your cottage fire insurance in the winter months.
- Specialty Material Providers.
- Heating & Cooling Professionals.
- Concrete & Road Workers.
- Interior Decorators.
- Real Estate Agents.

Tiny homes, bunkies, small cottages; these small structures go by many names but the quality and affordability they offer remains the same. If you're looking to build a tiny home in Haliburton or the Muskoka Lakes area then call Cottage Woodworks, we are here for you from concept to creation of your tiny home